ECHOPLEX Actress Robyn Davie on Shanghai, Photography, and Developing A Look

The lead actress discusses her role as the Activist in ECHOPLEX.

Written by Cameron Moonsamy

Robyn Davie is no stranger when it comes to cameras. From a young age, she’s been involved on both sides of the lens.

Now she lends perspective on her ECHOPLEX experience, from designing the character to watching it all come together.

How did you get involved with ECHOPLEX?

Tyron and I are actually cousins! He approached me and told me that he had me in mind for a lead character. Once he explained the concept of the game, I was sold.

It’s awesome that ECHOPLEX breaks away from the video game mold in terms of storytelling. It sounded like a really fun role to play, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Do you have any acting experience prior to ECHOPLEX?

I’ve done quite a few TV commercials, so I’ve played quite a nice variety of roles and characters.

Robyn posing for a photoshoot.

I believe that you’ve had an illustrious modelling career. Where did it all start, and what’s been the best part of it so far?

It’s been a fun hobby for a while now. I joined a modelling agency when I was about 17 or 18.

The travel opportunities are amazing! I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years, and I’ve also traveled to places like Tokyo and Shanghai.

That sounds fantastic! What’s it like in Shanghai, for example?

It was like landing on another planet – amazing and overwhelming all at once! The culture is incredible and they have such a rich history. The food, the people, and the pace of life were so intriguing to me. It’s definitely one of my favourite places to visit.

Is it all glitz and glamour?

The lifestyle is quite badly portrayed in the media – it’s not all champagne and yachts, etc. It is a very exploitative market and it can be very demanding. However, if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you can handle the industry, it’s a great place to be currently.

Priceless moments are captured by Robyn’s camera.

What are you doing with your time these days?

I run my own photography business. It keeps me incredibly busy and most of the time, I tend to have 16-hour days at work. It has been good, though, being my own boss, and building something out of my own volition.

How was the experience of filming ECHOPLEX different from the photography you usually do?

It’s completely different. The photography I do is mostly lifestyle, family, and wedding photography – capturing people in their everyday lives, at their homes, etc. For example, the photograph could involve breakfast in bed or making pancakes in the kitchen.

ECHOPLEX, on the other hand, was shot on set and has a sci-fi/fantasy feel to it. It was a nice escape for me.

On set with Tyron, the game director.

Although in the ECHOPLEX story, you seem to spend a lot of time with the engineer character, apparently you only shot one scene together. How did that happen?

Because of our schedules, we only got to shoot that one scene together. Even though it looks like our characters are in the same room in most of our scenes, it’s all down to Tyron and his visual effects guys who have done an incredible job editing the footage.

Did filming that scene in person with Aaron change the dynamic of the scene?

I think so, yeah. It was really fun shooting on that day, and it was nice to be able to meet Aaron in person. I was, like, “Oh, that’s the guy!”

It’s always better when you’ve got an actual human being to act alongside, rather than having to act towards an eye line or a piece of tape indicating where their character is.

How was the look of the character developed?

Developing the look was quite fun! Tyron sent me a brief of the character, and I put together a few outfits and discussed them with him.

I definitely pulled on my 4 years of experience as a wardrobe stylist. Even though we shared a few references, it was great that Tyron left it to me to decide on the final look.

The activist character in one of the cut scenes.

What did you think of final result?

I haven’t seen the latest footage yet, but if the last round of footage is anything to go by, I’m really excited about it!

At first it was a little difficult for me to visualise what the final product would look like, so it was nice to see how everything came together, and how well the cut scenes blended in with the gameplay.

You can view more of Robyn’s work on her website.
Alternatively, check out her Facebook page and Instagram.

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