ECHOPLEX Early Access Date Confirmed

ECHOPLEX will be released on Steam Early Access on 30 March 2017.  Here are 3 new things you can expect to see in the release…

Hey guys, Tyron here.  We’ve been hard at work making the ECHOPLEX Early Access release and we can’t wait to show you!

In the mean time, here is a short video where I explain the 3 main things that will be different in the Early Access release…

A quick summary:

1. More dimension in environments & puzzles

We’ve added multiple floors to the levels inside the Echoplex, which brings a whole new dimension to the puzzles.  The environment is also much more fun to run around in.

We’re also introducing levels with multiple Echoes  – this is for more advanced puzzles when the pressure is really on.

ECHOPLEX Early Access will feature levels with more spatial dimension.

2. More dynamic controls

With the addition of multiple floors, you’ll also need to be able to move around more fluidly.  We’re building in more sophisticated controls that will allow you to jump across “ravines”, and generally move with more flow.

The animation of the Echo becomes more sophisticated.

3. Subtle story thread

Rather than just looking for the exit to each level, the new version of the game will see you collecting “memory fragments” to reveal a non-linear narrative.

These fragments will take the form of flash frames of live action footage that will allow you to piece together a back story for your character.

Flash frames of live-action footage create a non-linear narrative inside the game.

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