ECHOPLEX Environmental design: The Midroom

The “Midroom” is where you find yourself between levels in ECHOPLEX – a small glass room with a portal leading to a new puzzle.  But haven’t you been here before?

Here are my first concept drawings for the Midroom, giving a sense of dimensions, lighting and materials…

The player starts each level inside the glass chamber at the center of the room, going through the portal at the far end to enter the Echoplex.

The glass chamber is the brightest part of the room, illuminated by 3 large light panels set into the ceiling.  The walls of the outer chamber are lit by dimmer recessed downlights.

Along one wall is an mirrored observation window.  This lets the player see a reflection of themselves at the start of the game (so that they see that they look the same as the Echo).

Large hydraulics can raise and lower the glass chamber.


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