The ECHOPLEX Premonition Update is live

The first major update to ECHOPLEX is live… And it’s a game changer.

The Premonition Update (previously known as the Timeline Update) introduces two new features to ECHOPLEX Early Access: Premonition and Timelines.

Try the Premonition Update now

Premonition allows you to freeze time

When we first launched ECHOPLEX Early Access, many players requested a way to explore the puzzles and the environment without the pressure of the Echo following.

This is where Premonition comes in. When you activate Premonition, time freezes. This allows you to explore the environment, moving through any area that is already unlocked, while your Echo (or Echoes) stay frozen in place. When you exit Premonition, time unfreezes and the chase is on again. You can enter and exit Premonition by pressing TAB, and there are no limits to using it.

“Premonition” allows you to freeze time so you can explore the puzzles without the Echo following you

Timelines make the game more strategic

The second new feature introduced in the Premonition update is Timelines. When we first released ECHOPLEX Early Access, some players told us that they were completing levels by simply running blindly until they unlocked the puzzles by luck. We’ve spent a lot of time designing the puzzles, and we want to make sure you get a sense of accomplishment when you solve them.

So in this update, we’ve added a time limit to each level and a lifespan to each Echo. These time limits are customized specifically to each puzzle – so you’ll really have to think about how to complete the level using the seconds you have available. (And remember: if you want to freeze time and think for a bit, you can enter Premonition at any point!).

The Timelines show how much time you and your Echoes have in the level

You’ll see two sets of timelines on screen.  On the left is your main timeline, showing you how much time you have in the level.  Switches you activate are marked as colored lines.  The white triangle indicates when your Echo will enter the level.

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see the Echo timeline.  It shows how long your Echo’s lifespan is, and also records which switches it has crossed.

When your Echo’s timeline runs out, it disappears from the level.  When your timeline runs out, the level resets, and you’ll find yourself back in the test chamber.

Premonition allows you to see the game from new angles

Try it out for yourself

Please give the new update a try and let us know what you think. We’ve also redesigned some of the levels for better flow and puzzle work – so playing the game will be quite a different experience now.

Your feedback so far has helped us take ECHOPLEX in directions we didn’t expect and we’re really loving it! So thanks again, and we’re looking forward to your feedback on the Premonition update…

Important TO note

Because the Premonition Update makes fundamental changes to the way ECHOPLEX works, any existing game progress will be lost. We’re working hard to improve the gameplay experience based on your feedback – and this type of update is a reality of Early Access development. Thank you for hanging in there while we make the game better!

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