ECHOPLEX: The Time Trial Update (0.3.0)

We’re excited to announce ECHOPLEX Update 0.3.0, which includes 3 big changes.

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1. Time Trials

We’ve had many requests for a time trial feature to be added, so here it is!

The time trial feature will unlock after you’ve successfully completed all 15 levels of the Early Access edition.

Your score is the total amount of time spent playing through all 15 levels (including any deaths or restarts), and your ranking will be displayed on the Global Leaderboard.

Better climbing controlS

We’ve adjusted the climbing physics and animation to give you more control at the top of the climb (rather than getting automatically pushed forward).  Transitioning from climbing to moving is now much more fluid.

(The change in player control has caused small animation problems for the Echo climbing, but they are next on the list.)


There are 3 types of achievements:

Level Achievements: These are earned after each level that you complete.

Perfect Run Achievements: These are earned for a completing a series of levels without having to restart the level (due to dying, time expiring, or giving up).

Time Trial Achievements: These are earned for completing levels within the allotted time.

The achievements TO BE CONTINUED and BENDING TIME are exclusive to Early Access.

Also in this update

  • A smexy new menu (see below)!
  • Extensions to the first 2 levels!
  • Exciting bug fixes!

As always, let us know if you have any feedback in the Discussions or mail the game director directly:

Happy time trialing!

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