Timeline Update coming soon

The first update to ECHOPLEX Early Access will introduce Echo expiry

We’re a few days into the release of ECHOPLEX Early Access, and we’ve gotten some great feedback from the community – thank you!

A criticism we’re hearing often is that many levels can be completed by simply running around blindly.

The reason is that your Echo follows you indefinitely – if you keep moving, you can pretty much stay ahead of him forever. If you keep going in and out of doors and switches randomly, chances are you’ll eventually stumble upon a sequence that completes the puzzle – without really knowing why.

This is obviously not fun, and has no real sense of accomplishment – so we want to fix it!

The Timeline Update seeks to solve the “running blindly” problem by introducing a lifespan for each Echo.

Each Echo’s lifespan will be different, depending on the puzzle. You’ll only have a short amount of time to use the Echo – and if you haven’t figured out the puzzle by the time the Echo expires, you’ll have to restart the level.

We’re introducing a new graphic on the side of the screen (see above) that will show you how much time you have left with each Echo. We’re also experimenting with indicators that will show when an Echo crosses through a switch.

We believe that the Timeline Update will make ECHOPLEX a different (and better) game, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

– Tyron Janse van Vuuren, Game director